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September 6, 2016

We all have dreams and thoughts and prayers

As we approach the daily game,

Imposed on us by self alone

No, not the work of others here, who we can blame.


But is it true that I can set the very nature of my day

Exacting every ounce of blood, to push myself  beyond myself, and all for me?

But surely others set the pace, impose the rules?


But what of mood and hope and fears, and happiness (that fleeting trick)

Are these mine too to orchestrate?


Let me grasp the truth again – you say that faith is all we need, and everything I ever need I have to use?


Away with you, and take the trick – I never saw the point of it

Leave me to wrestle with my past, trusting my fear to hold me back

Lest I should fall.


In the moment

June 18, 2008

I look into your face and feel the yearning grip my stomach

Squeezing and pulling me into your aura, your garden so scented

Whispering pines over languid butterflies and drenched orchids

Humid with promise and soft certainties.

Your hair framing the deepness of your eyes full of a sad happiness

Opening wide and blurring in the moment, and soft sighs rocking to the rhythms

And textures, as the light flickers and flames, and a thousand candles bright the sky

And the dream slows to a quiet pulse.

Fires all around, voices echo and rise and the music peaks and weaves

Drifting on into the sleep and mellow haziness of dreams

Comments lost forgotten float in the mind, our souls entwined

Like laughing butterflies in secret gardens

Thoughts of you

June 18, 2008

The passing winter fires my heart with thoughts of you

In flickering shadows I return again to seek your hand

I reach, and reaching through the dark, to find the light

I feel your fingers touch my mind – and take my heart.

You guide me through the shades of greys and hold me still

And lift your face your tumbling hair to find my sight

And touch my eyes to see again your mirrored smile

The hidden images that walk my depths and haunt my soul.