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May 12, 2011

In the long lost hours of cycle time

That which we feel inside, emotion-wise

Is dragging,  pulling to the dark north

Of shadowed love and things disturbing

Where does the true compass faintly call?

Deep from the depths but ever fading – lost in the sad melancholy of hollow echoes

That murmur through eternal spirit nights?

A finger tip receding into gloom – a sense of friendships lost and grieving souls.

And still temptation gaily waves through painted arches

No strings or ladders back to call us home

The flickering senses, turn to smiling lights

Moth-like we slip and slide, and take the highs

Call me back to rivers old and sighing willows

Reflections turning in the fishy eddies

Reed birds and God’s prayers feathering up – and up

Straight where the swallows fleet and flight and heaven’s song.