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Praise God

September 6, 2016

My father God I talk to you in times of dark despair

“Lord ease my lot” and “make thing right” reflects my constant prayer

But then again when things are bright, and fear is far away

I spend my days in mindless ways, forgetting what to pray.


But I should praise you every day and never count the cost

Come rain or shine, in pain, or fine, when even all is lost

You will provide my every need and even more than this,

If I will only give my life completely to your wish


Come Holy Spirit move in me and lead me to your side

Providing wisdom, strength and skill and energy beside

To do your will, is my desire in every breath I take

To purify my life for you, and save it for your sake


I glorify you Father God, and hand you full control

Take all I am, my life my work, my treasures and my soul

Refine me in your fire of love and turn my face to you

That I may fill my days in praise, and all my faith renew.






September 6, 2016

We all have dreams and thoughts and prayers

As we approach the daily game,

Imposed on us by self alone

No, not the work of others here, who we can blame.


But is it true that I can set the very nature of my day

Exacting every ounce of blood, to push myself  beyond myself, and all for me?

But surely others set the pace, impose the rules?


But what of mood and hope and fears, and happiness (that fleeting trick)

Are these mine too to orchestrate?


Let me grasp the truth again – you say that faith is all we need, and everything I ever need I have to use?


Away with you, and take the trick – I never saw the point of it

Leave me to wrestle with my past, trusting my fear to hold me back

Lest I should fall.

In my Father’s House

May 12, 2011

I saw the house – imposing, full of rooms and found her there

Surprisingly as she was small, and the rooms were large and endless opening into more rooms

And the windows in each, tall not wide and she seemed happy, at peace

I went outside and the memories found me through long grass by the river as it turned and flowed through the reeds, and the trees in misty greens and greys

Calling me  through the dream, my special place forever .